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Raymond Hoser®
Because Raymond Hoser is the world's leading authority on reptiles, he is known globally as the Snakeman®

Over a period spanning more than four decades, Raymond Hoser has scientifically discovered and named more species, genera, tribes and families of snakes than anyone else in history. He's written nine major books on reptiles, wildlife, police corruption, wildlife crime and government corruption. He's contributed to dozens of other books and published hundreds of definitive scientific papers on reptiles, including captive breeding, taxonomy, causes of extinction and more. His leading edge research and publications are cited by millions of others, including routinely in the world's most prestigious scientific journals.

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As a leading wildlife educator and owner of Snakebusters®, Australia's best reptiles® displays, many unscrupulous competitors and others exposed as corrupt in various Hoser books, have used the internet and tabloid media to peddle false and defamatory statements about the Snakeman. While several have been sucessfully sued and paid damages, the anonymous nature of the internet and lack of assets of some of those who defame, makes it impossible to legally action all who spread lies about Hoser. If you read on the internet material adverse of Hoser, no matter how credible it is made to appear, you can be assured it's probably either totally false, or so twisted as to be false in it's meaning. And yes, it's most likely been posted by an inexperienced imitator using a false ID!

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